Wrestling Recap

By Michael Batte


The Varsity Wrestling team hosted a tournament at Stoughton High New Year's Eve December 31st. The teams there were South Eastern, Whitman Hanson, Brockton, and of course Stoughton. The team overall went two and one winning against Whitman Hanson and South Eastern but falling short against Brockton.

Some wrestlers who had a strong performances were  senior captains Andrew Iverson, Ryan Pierre and  also a junior Johnny Medina. Iverson wrestled in the weight class of 220 winning all three of his matches gain some major points to the matches. Pierre wrestled in the weight class of 195 winning all three of his matches as well dominating his three opponents. Medina wrestled in the weight class of 160 winning his two matches as a junior showing some very good potential.

Captain Cameron Carpenter said, “Overall, the tournament was good; we still should have done better, however.” Carpenter blames himself for not winning some of the matches but he also had to bump up a weight class due to his weight landing him with a disadvantage.

When asked about competing and practicing in the future Carpenter said, “Throughout practice we will get better and some of us have real potential to make it to states especially the seniors.” Carpenter has high expectations for his teammates as the season goes on and has faith that they will make it far past just the regular season.

Captain Ryan Pierre chimes in, “The tournament had its rough patches yet they got it done.” Pierre seems to be pleased with the way the team wrestles especially in the tournament. After his final match, his third win he said, “I just did what coach told me to do all the minor adjustments too when he is screaming from the side I hear that and take it into account.” Pierre contributes most of his success to the coach, “It was just my day.” It seems every tournament day is a good one for Pierre.

Regarding Carpenter’s chances of going to states with Pierre, Carpenter said, “We’ll just have to see how I continue to wrestle,” humble for a guy who won all of his matches that day.  

Many will get to states this season; Stoughton’s wrestling team is sure to make some big impressions. The wrestling team seems to be on a hot streak with winning; let’s hope they can keep it up.

 Photo Credit: Mr. Ryan Donahue

Photo Credit: Mr. Ryan Donahue

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