Netflix vs. Hulu: Which is Better?

By MacKenzie Hudson

Streaming services have taken over the world of television. Programs such as Netflix and Hulu allow audiences to watch movies and tv shows online or streamed via a smart television. Subscriptions for these streaming networks can add up; so which is the best? In my opinion, Netflix is the best option possible.

Netflix provides three different plans: basic, standard, and premium. Recently, Netflix upped its prices for standard and premium, but left basic the same. The monthly cost varies based based on how many people can be watching at once and HD features. The basic plan costs $7.99, the standard plan costs $10.99, and the premium plans costs $13.99 per month.

Lisa Ramanauskas said, “Although I don’t pay for Netflix myself, I think it’s a fair price.” She talked about how she watches netflix during any free time she has. Ramanauskas said, “It is worth my money.”

On the other hand, Hulu only has two plans. One plan is around $5.99, while the other is around $10.99. The difference between the two plans is the amount of commercials played during shows or movies.

Vendela Rogers said, “The commercials can be annoying, but for the basic plan I find Hulu to be worth it.” Hulu does keep their collection updated and fresh, releasing new shows and movies often. Hulu offers a variety of brand new tv shows and movies, but are the commercials worth it?

In my opinion, Netflix is a better option. Netflix has no commercials and so many different movies and tv shows. Netflix also has their own line of original shows and movies that are very popular with Netflix subscribers.

Netflix has updated their stream over the years, pursuing a more proportional number of shows and movies, as they started off with primarily movies. This has allowed Netflix to gain more subscribers. Ramanauskas said, “I love how Netflix provides whole series of tv shows that are off air so I can binge watch them whenever I want.”

Rogers said, “I only prefer Hulu because the shows are newer and some shows are even posted every week to keep up with it on air.” She also mentioned how she likes to keep up with shows on air at the moment but sometimes misses them on tv, so Hulu gives her the option to watch it the day after.

Although Netflix costs slightly more, it is the better investment. The features are more enhanced and the selection is much broader than Hulu. Netflix is the most popular streaming service and most likely will continue being the most loved. If you are indecisive about what streaming program to invest in, join the trend and choose Netflix.

 Results from a poll of 30 SHS students.

Results from a poll of 30 SHS students.

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