Student Athletes Reclassifying

By Matthew Cardoso

Some student athletes reclassify, which is essentially staying back on purpose, usually for reasons regarding athletics. Student athletes usually make this decision when they are offered a spot or have chosen to attend a more competitive school, or division of sports at that school.

Reclassification is defined as being assigned to a different class. For example, a class of 2018 graduate, after reclassifying, would then be considered class of 2019.

One major reason that many athletes choose to reclassify, is that they get an extra year to get better. They would be one year behind others their age, but would have another year of preparation.

Another reason athletes reclassify is to catch up on academics. Some athletes may not have earned enough credits, or earned high enough grades to play their sport so they take the extra year to make sure they academically eligible.

 Photo Credit: Jayden Ashley-Few

Photo Credit: Jayden Ashley-Few

Jayden Few, a junior at Stoughton High School, said, “Reclassifying is a great option for athletes like myself. It gave me an extra year to prepare and train, and another year for me to get my grades where I want them to be.”

Few added, “It was a tough decision, especially at a young age, but I went through with it. It helped me out a lot and gave me more opportunities for what I wanted to do.”

Some view reclassifying as a way of “cheating” because they see it as athletes just trying to play against younger competition, giving them an unfair advantage. In reality, it’s typically used as a tool for personal development for future success.

Reclassifying is an option that many student athletes who are serious about continuing their careers in sports should consider. Used the right way, it can open many doors of opportunity for student athletes, making a big impact on your academic and athletic life.

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