Oscar Knight: Should You Go?

By Lindsay Carlow

Every year the senior class holds Oscar Knight. It is a night where seniors get dressed up, “walk the red carpet,” sit in the auditorium watching acts performed by other students and listen to the winners of the senior superlatives.

Some students bring dates, while others go solo or with a group of friends. Girls wear prom dresses and boys wear suits. The students have a formal fun night with their fellow seniors and families are encouraged to come and watch.

Oscar Knight is about two hours long and costs $8 to attend. 

Seniors get an email if they were nominated for a superlative a week before the event, but aren’t informed of what category they are nominated for. Even if a senior wasn’t nominated for a superlative, students go anyway to  support their friends or just to have an entertaining night.

Some students think Oscar Knight is a night to remember while others feel the night is a complete waste of time.

Senior Bobbi Mendes is excited to attend Oscar Knight after being nominated for a superlative. Mendes stated, “I am most excited to go since I was nominated for what I think is quietest.”

Many students received an email saying they were nominated for a superlative; each student nominated will be recognized at the event. The winner will receive a photo in the year book along with a trophy with the superlative they won labeled on top.

Mendes feels it’s “just another event of your senior year to be involved in.”  

Although many students are excited for Oscar Knight, some students feel the night is pricey and lame. After all, you need to buy your ticket, find something to wear, etc. Outfit and possibly hair and nails can get costly. Students hope to resemble the actual Oscar Award Ceremony that usually takes place the end of February, so they try hard to look fabulous. 

Senior Krista Michienzi feels Oscar Knight is not worth going to. Michienzi said, “There are other things I can be doing, practicing hockey for the season, and saving money instead of buying dresses.”

Dresses can be expensive especially if students will not wear the same dress to Oscar Knight and to prom in May. Many students borrow dresses or recycle dresses they have worn in the past to save some cash. 

Michienzi said, “There are so many things I can be doing instead of sitting in a seat for two hours watching people get awards, It is a waste of time, although my friends were nominated there is so much more I can be doing.”

Senior Caitlin Carreiro also believes the Senior Oscar Knight isn't worth it. 

Carreiro said, “I’m with everyone all the time everyday; I am not wasting my money for an event to sit there and watch, I can hangout with my friends who do not go to this school, who I do not get to see all the time.”

Whether a senior is excited for the night, indifferent, or disinterested and not planning to go, the night will go on. Many may not realize the time and effort that goes into producing this show each year. 

The Yearbook club and senior class officers spend multiple meetings/classes to get the night to  be the closest to perfection as possible. The advisors do so much to prepare as well. 

With many expenses, hours, and demands to complete this night, it is a big ordeal. Custodians have to be paid, trophies have to be bought, stage and red carpet have to be set and performances have to be prepared and much more.  The people involved work very hard to make the night a success.

President Andrew Crean of the Class of 2018 said, “The council has the dirty job behind the scenes with planning; it is a lot of stress but the council grinds down on it and I'm so glad I have these people in the council behind me helping through it all.”

The council has had a stressful couple of weeks with spirit week, powder puff, and now Oscar Knight; they put their all into each event to make them exciting and fun for the class.

Crean said that Oscar Knight is “Truly following the hype of senior week. This is a time where people in the past are getting involved; this event is another fundraiser to help the class with prom and other activities.”

Along with the hype of announcing senior superlatives, the night is a fundraiser to further help the class with all the expenses they will have towards the end of senior year.

Crean does also see the perspective of those who feel the night is not worth going to and said, “I can see people being upset over the event being about popularity and not wanting to go but look at it as more of a senior activity before there isn’t any more events.”

Vice President Vanesiah Dos Anjos is very excited for the night and hopes to see many seniors, along with families and friends, there.

Dos Anjos said, “Stay motivated stay spirited; we are something to brag about and this is a night to show the best, show these superlatives and performances. Seniors don't have to have a date, some people like to see it as a night to get dolled up have a good time with friends.”

Oscar Knight is another perk of senior year, an event where students can get together to make more memories and have a good time. Making a fun night out of announcing the winners for senior superlatives, and dressing up for a senior fundraiser is not something you get to do everyday. Students get to wear prom dresses and suits to an event other than prom, and feel glamorous.

Senior Oscar Knight is an inventive way to bring the class together for an entertaining night, and although some students do not feel the night is worth it, everyone is encouraged to attend and support their classmates.

Jenna KellyComment