Athletes Dressing up on Game Days: What's The Point?

By Hannah Papagno

Walking around Stoughton High School you may see many athletes dressed up similarly to their team on game days.  Although most teams at SHS do this, many wonder if the athletes actually like doing it and what the benefits are from coordinating outfits with their team to school on game days.  

Sophomore soccer player Brigid Pearl said,“I support it because it lets everyone know that we have a game and it is good for school spirit.  It’s also kind of fun.”  

Most sports teams when coordinating their outfits on game days either wear dressy clothes, their jerseys, or they pick a theme to wear that day.  Some may argue that wearing jerseys are the only outfit that promotes the game because wearing dressy clothes or a themed outfit can easily look like regular clothes.  


Sophomore softball player Sarah Doherty spoke on the topic and said, “I don’t think it promotes going to the game unless you’re wearing jerseys, because if it is just a theme you don’t really know what sport it’s for and it doesn’t really get the point across.”

However, Doherty added, “Wearing dressy clothes makes you look professional.” which many sports teams go for when wearing dressy clothes because it represents the team well.  But the question is, who will even notice if you’re dressing up for a sport or just wearing nice clothes that day?

Although, coordinating certain outfits may not affect students not on that specific sports team, many athletes enjoy coordinating with their team because it is fun and because it is convenient to have outfits picked out for the week already, not just to promote the game that day.  

From an athlete's perspective, Pearl commented, “During the week it gives you different planned outfit options and it makes you feel like a part of the team because you’re all wearing something similar versus you just wearing regular clothes.  It also reminds you that you have a game that day.”

The team coordinating outfits at school can also help the team ensure they have everything they need to be prepared for game days because having to pick out an outfit reminds the athlete of everything they’ll need for the game that day.

Soccer coach Sara McShea added, “I feel as a coach if a player is putting out their jersey to wear the night before it signals them to remember everything they need for the game.”

Overall, athletes seem to enjoy wearing jerseys with their team the most.  Jerseys also seem to be most effective when promoting a game.

When choosing to wear a themed outfit with your team it can be more complicated to find something to wear because unlike dressy clothes and jerseys, one may not already have what the team has decided to wear to school that day.  

Doherty spoke about the downside to coordinating themed outfits,“Some topics can be very difficult because some people can’t afford to go out and buy stuff to fit a theme or some people just might not have it so it can make people feel left out if they don’t have the right supplies.”

As a coach, McShea said, “I think it's a good idea because it shows unity on the team and especially if it is a uniform every girl or boy has the uniform so they can all wear it.”


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