Chrome-Tastic Nails

By Jasmine Ly

For those who are interested in nail polish and unique looking nails, there is a new type of nail polish called chrome.  It is all the rave these days and everyone is dying to get it on their nails.

I first saw this chrome polish at the nail salon that I go to, Diamond Nails & Spa in Stoughton.  It caught my eye when I was looking at different nail colors and options because it was unique and shiny.

The man working at the salon informed me that chrome nail polish is in these days.  Although chrome costs more than your average nail polish, it is totally worth it.

In order to get the chrome on your nails, you must first choose a solid color.  The manicurist uses this color first and paints your nails.  Then, he or she puts sparkles on the nail and smudges it into the nail color.

This process did not take very long, but it was a very exciting experience for me to watch the chrome rub onto my nails for the first time.

My manicurist also said that some people only put the chrome on some nails, and leave certain nails with the solid color that is underneath.

I highly recommend the chrome nail polish because it lasts a very long time and gives your nails a stunning look.  My chrome nail polish has lasted for about a month now, and many people have complimented me on them.


There are many different chrome colors that you can choose from like gold, silver, shade shifting, etc.  I chose silver and it looks incredible in pictures and in person.

Even though I got my nails done professionally at a salon, some nail polish brands sell shiny chrome looking nail polish in stores.

Chrome nail polish looks amazing on everyone’s nails, which is the reason it caught my eye, and hopefully it will catch yours too.

Jenna KellyComment