Art Club Arrives at SHS

By Jared DiRosa

Here at Stoughton High School there is a wide variety of clubs and afterschool programs that are great for students. One program that is new to Stoughton High this year is the art club. In Stoughton Schools, art is greatly valued and there has been a club for art in the middle school for quite a while; now art club has made its way to the high school.

This new club at Stoughton High was created by Mr.Joseph Fontinha who has always had a passion for art. When his plan to be an acting major did not work out as expected he began to paint scenery which sparked his interest in majoring in art.

After figuring out that art is where he wanted to be, he went to the Massachusetts College of Art and from there went on to Boston University and Lesley University where he obtained two master's degrees in the arts. Today, he teaches multiple categories of art classes such as drawing and painting 1 & 2 which focus on learning how to use pencils, ink, and paint.

Why did an art club not get formed a while ago? Fontinha explained it was because no teachers had a chance to do so as the OMS art teacher did. “Students coming up from the middle school began asking about an art club and as more did I thought it was a great idea to make one,” Fontinha said. With the help from the other art teachers, he was able to find a place to meet and without hesitation, the club was formed.

In a school with such incredible diversity, such as SHS, Fontinha wanted to have a club that appealed to anyone who wished to join.

“During the days that we meet I have some kids working on murals to help improve the school's beauty while other kids would rather work on individual projects and hangout with like minded people,” said Fontinha. This is a great opportunity for students to come and start/finish work, but also to help expand the program by welcoming anyone/everyone.

With the new high school in the works, Fontinha and other art teachers have very good news for future art students and for the art program more generally. The new building will provide many new exciting artistic opportunities.

“There will be ceramics so that we can expand our curriculum, also we are getting a dark room which will aid in photographing artwork,” Fontinha said. Having a ceramics class will interest a lot of people and will allow students to learn yet another form of art. Another thing the new school is going to have is a lot more storage, because if you have seen the school’s storage for art right now, it is very limited.

Additionally, there will be an open gallery to display students work so that anyone throughout the school can view it. These new elements coming to Stoughton High will a play big role in making the art program better because it will help expand the number of students who can have access to the art as viewer and/or participant, while also enriching the experience of students who have already been involved in the art program.

Like with most clubs, the teacher who runs it must take time out of his or her schedule to provide a fun and productive environment for students who choose to participate; Fontinha is no different, dedicating himself to making art club a success.

The club has a very relaxed and fun environment and to go along with that vibe, Fontinha has one simple rule which is to “be respectful to the people and art supplies in the classroom but also in the school.” With respect going both ways, you’ll surely be able to enjoy a meaningful experience in art club and even learn a thing or two at the same time.


Jenna KellyComment