Underclassmen At Prom

By Rianna Rodrigues

Prom is seen as one of the largest events of senior year and it has already come and gone.

Some seniors prepare for prom season months in advance due to all the outfits, hair, makeup and accessories that must come together.

For underclassmen going to prom it is both exciting yet nerve racking because of all the prior commitments that have to be made in order for the night to run smoothly.

Underclassmen that went to the senior prom had the opportunity to have fun with the graduating class. The underclassmen that went with seniors got to say their final goodbyes with them before they officially go on to bigger and better things.

All students from the sophomore and junior classes had been invited to go to prom. All of the underclassmen that had gone enjoyed themselves.

Sophomore Sophia Calisi arrived to the prom with Donnie Foley and said, “The prom was exciting and a new experience that I'll be glad to join again during my senior year.”

There was also a numerous amount of juniors that went to the prom with senior dates. The juniors that had gone to prom were also given a better idea as to how to prepare for their events next year.

Marissa Romano a junior that went to prom said, “I got to spend some time with my friends during a fun and fancy event.”

All of the students that had gone to prom were able to take pictures with friends and family prior to the event as they looked their best. The photos from the event leave behind great memories. Leaving prom early is an excellent reason to look back and make future proms even better.

Students attending their own future proms now have the opportunity to compare both. Also to see the importance of each class and all of the students that have made the differences within their high school years.