A Diagnosis of "Doctor Strange"

By Smit Patel

“Doctor Strange” is like most superhero movies, a combination of action and comedy.  Released on Friday, November 4, 2016, every die-hard Marvel fans are rushing to theaters to see what Marvel Studios has created.

"Doctor Strange" is a new addition to the superhero movie lineup.  Fans have been waiting for Strange’s big screen movie cameo and the wait has been worth it.  It has been near the top of the Box Office since its release, "Doctor Strange" has earned an estimated gross of over $300 million.

 Photo Credit: http://www.comingsoon.net/

Photo Credit: http://www.comingsoon.net/

The protagonist, Doctor Stephen Strange, played by Benedict CumberBatch, has a life change after a car accident.  Due to the car accident, Strange’s hands become partially paralyzed.  As a doctor, Strange becomes depressed and tried to find a cure for his hands.  He begins exploring many different methods, exhausting tons of money, until he ends up in Himalayan Mountains.

Broke and no way home, Strange finds himself in a mysterious building, where he meets the Ancient One.  The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, is Sorcerer Supreme.  An all powerful human being, the Ancient One protects the world from magical forces all around the Marvel Universe.   

The ruler of the Dark Dimension DorMammu, is plotting against The Ancient One.  With the help of Kaecilius, played Mad Mikkelsen, a former disciple of The Ancient One attacks Earth.  As a last resort, The Ancient One tasks Doctor Strange to defend Earth from DorMammu’s forces.

Fans like me really appreciated that Director Scott Derrickson included details from the comics into the movie.  "Doctor Strange" also uses tons of beautiful CGI effects.  The movie had a perfect balance of action and comedy.  There were not too many comedic moments where it ruined the drama, but just enough, where it was serious and funny at the same time.  

While "Doctor Strange" had many great moments, the movie struggles to keep minor details in check.  As nitpicky as it seems, during scenes of the movie, Strange has blood on his clothing, but then in a later scene the blood magically disappears.  This isn’t a big issue for the majority of the viewers, but to those fans who pay really close attention, it is a nuisance that should have been fixed by the production crew.

With that said, "Doctor Strange" is an action and drama packed movie that will likely appeal to every action lover. This film hits the spot for any die-hard superhero fan.

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